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Office 365 issues

Hi all

I have not had much experience with office 365 so learning as i go along. I had few issues from a client which wondered if you can help

Chartering is a shared mailbox.

1 ) "The other issue is when someone sends an email to me and chartering. It's going to the chartering box and not my box? Can we change a preference somewhere?!

2) can’t read emails on my phone which go to chartering, operations and admin ( again all 3 shared mailbox except admin)
do i need to configure 4 mailboxes to his account? can one account open shared mailbox?

any help will be appreciated

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is there no other way? as his main concern is, when a email is addressed to him and one of the shared mailboxes. they only go to the shared mailbox and not to his account.
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Hi sight issue regarding this

is there any how i can set up a rule?

I have one mail box
then the user has 2 shared mail box. I want email sent to the shared mailbox to be also sent to the 2 users that have access to the shared mail boxes?

is this possible? by a rule?
You would be best off using a distribution group and added all the recipients (shared or full) to that.

Of course you won't know if the message has been read/deleted in the shared mailbox.
Only issue with that is, clients know about the 2 shared mailbox already.

If i create a new distribution group that be something that i need to let them know to email that address know?  that will create a unnecessary 3rd email address that goes to the the 2 shared mailboxes.

unless im thinking wrong above and theres another easier way to create the distribution address?
You could give the distribution group the email address you want i.e. and then give the shared mailbox

Then add the shared mailbox and the user to the distribution group. User need never know the shared mailboxes email address as the sales@emails will always go there.
would they then be able to send emails as say even though its a distribution address? as thats one of requirements by them. they also want to send emails as that account.
Yes, you can set send as permissions for a distribution group.

Not from Mobile though....
what i'm stuck with is, what role does the shared mailbox play?

I am OK with deleting the new existing mailbox after backing up emails. then creating distribution group for those emails with the members added to it. so emails can go to those mailboxes when they are sent to the distribution list address.

What about the shared mailbox? how can i give send as permissions  for say (which is the distribution email address)

The shared mailbox email address is different to the above so confused?

lol sorry im total newbie with this
What role indeed!

The Shared mailbox could be entirely optional. Email will go through to the users main mailboxes via the distribution group. If you want to keep a central store of those emails then use a Shared mailbox as well. It may be that you simply don't need it any more.

ahh that makes sense, but then configure send as permissions and so both users can send as that account too correct? this way if they don't want central store can do away with shared mail box
Yes, you can set send as permissions on a distribution group in the portal.