Trying to Transpose and Group Items in Excel

I have a list as follows...

A                          B
Form A                Category 1
Form D               Category 2
Form A               Category 3
Form B               Category 1
Form B               Category 2
Form C              Category 3

I would like the Output to be....

Form A : Category 1; Category 3
Form B:  Category 1; Category 2
Form C:  Category 3
Form D:  Category 2

This could be in another table, or on the same line. I am moving it into another program. I tried this code, but it doesn't work for me, I ended up with all 0.

I tried this one, but it gave an error about a loop, or a number being wrong...

In the first article, I am unsure what the author means by uniquelist. Is this a feature in excel, or is he just naming the cell/column? I have 5876 rows of data, so in the first example I changed the 19s to 5876.

In the second example I made a similar adjustment.
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
If you can live with this format
Form A	Category 1
	Category 3
Form B	Category 1
	Category 2
Form C	Category 3
Form D	Category 2

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Then a pivot table is a good solution
mSproutAuthor Commented:
I found a much better answer once I changed my wording of the question.
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