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Excel 2013 error opening file with macros

BCHCAdmin asked
I have a user running Excel 2013 that is getting an error when they open a workbook that has Macros.   They get a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applicatoins window and the error is:  
Compile error in hidden module:  MOdule 1.  This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with the version, platform or architecture of this application.  Click "Help" for information on how to correct this error.

Not finding much on this error. Can anyone help?   By the way, it opens fine on my computer running Excel 2013 as well.
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Top Expert 2015

In your visual basic..Can you check whether you have any references missing in the specific systems which you are talking about..

In order to check the same go to tools-->references (In Visual basic) Screenshot attached...

This will open a below mentioned dialogue box.. In this the reference which are missing will start with missing and the particular library...

If you are not using it..you will be able to uncheck it..However if you are using it..then please install the necessary library or software and post that your code will work..



This was an excel file sent to us by our accounting firm.  We did not create it. Would we still go through same steps?
Top Expert 2015
Yes..Check for tools..references in visual basic editor..and uncheck the references which are missing...