VOIP -- troubleshooting software ?

What under $500 software do you
recommend so I can try to find out where
VOIP issues are when they happen
on my small 50 onPremise 3CX
phone network ?

  ** ping plotter
  ** snort
  ** wireshark
  ** thousandeyes.com
  ** http://www.operativesoft.com/html/observer_voip.htm
  ** https://www.plixer.com/Scrutinizer-Netflow-Sflow/scrutinizer.html
  ** http://www.solarwinds.com
  ** 3CX Logging
  ** http://www.flukenetworks.com/apps/truview
  ** http://www.whatsupgold.com
  ** http://www.paessler.com
  ** http://liveaction.com
  ** https://www.sevone.com
  ** http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/How+To+Debug+and+Troubleshoot+VOIP
  ** Microsoft System Center
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Joshua HopkinsPresidentCommented:
I would start with wireshark and maybe ntop if you have switches that will support netflow, sflow, jflow, or rmon, depending on the switch.

Make sure that QoS is enabled and running on the switches.  if you are using SIP trunks check with your provider so see if they are seeing errors/issues on the trunks the same time you are.
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