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Can someone take a look at this file and clue me in on why the Add a Note [+} script isn't functioning correctly? I can't get the Notes portal to select the correct row to add a new note. It just doesn't do anything and then takes you to the first tab or sometimes it doesn't do anything. It does generate a new note, but it doesn't take you to a portal row to enter the note text.

It must be something small. I've been over it a thousand times and a fresh pair of eyes may help catch the mistake I'm making. Thank you so much!
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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
Several points. You have a script that is almost right called "Add a New Note [+]". The first issue is that the variable is referencing the wrong field. You want to capture the Contact ID on the Contact record, not the one on the Notes field, so $ID_Contact = Opportunity Details::__pkOpportunityIDMATCH  not Notes::kf_ID_Contact  (and I do recommend that you change both of those fields to have exactly the same name, e.g. ID_Contact, Contact_ID, ContactID or zk_ContactID)

Second, the layout is not specified, it should be any layout based on Notes. The"Freeze Window" step before it shortens the time it takes to navigate to the Notes layout, create the new record, set the ContactID and then return, by preventing the display of the Notes layout.

Third, portal records will always sort to the creation order - meaning oldest first - unless you specify otherwise. You should probably set the portal to sort by creation Timestamp or serial number "Descending" if you want the most recent on top.

Fourth, turn off Allow creation of records in this table...." for BOTH sides of the relationship but leave the delete on the right side. The whole idea of using a button is to prevent/avoid having the user scroll to the end of the portal and being able to click in last row to create a new record. You want more control than that which is why there is the button and script. It prevents users from scrolling or creating blank records with no actually note text.

Finally, I click on the Notes field in the Portal, gave it a name "Note" and then used a "Go to Object" script step rather than "Go to Field". You can name any object on a layout and use "Go to Object" to move to it. Very useful when you want to navigate to an object on another tab but on the same layout.

 Relationship Diagram
Revised Script stepsNotes-Example.fmp12

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_Astrid_Author Commented:
Perfect! Thanks again for helping me understand what I was doing wrong. It works perfectly now and makes sense. I appreciate it as always!
_Astrid_Author Commented:
Invaluable assistance as always!
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