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On-premise Exchange server interfering with Office 365 Mail

csciarro asked
I recently setup Office 365 mail on my network and to do away with our onpremise Exchange server. I changed the MX and CNAME records to port to Office 365 but when I setup the users 365 email on Outlook it doesn't autodiscover and I keep getting the login pop-up. I also removed the mail and autodiscover DNS records on the onpremise server. Do I have to disable anything on the Exchange 2010 server?
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Did you disable the SCP? Easy way to solve this issue is to 'instruct' Outlook to bypass the local server discovery by using the registry keys in this article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2212902

All you need for EO/O365 is the HTTP redirect method to work, you can block all else. And this doesnt require you messing with the local infrastructure in any other way.