DHCP failover

We have 2 windows 2008 servers running AD. Is there a way to have them both run DHCP so in case one should fail, the other one will pick up DHCP?

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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
DHCP failover in terms of a failover cluster was not introduced until 2012 so that is not an options for you with 2008
what you can do is split the scope between the servers which is a fairly common practice; some do an 80/20 split meaning 80% of the scope on one server and 20% on the other though you can configure the split based on your needs

for example, if you are using a network, you can have one server serve addresses with a scope having a range of - while the other server has a scope of -

if one server goes down, any client that needs to renew a lease will simply get a different address from the other server
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