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Adding storage to an HP P4000 centralized management cluster

Hi, I have two HP P4300 servers clustered in our Centralized Management Console. We would like to add a third P4300 to this cluster and expand the storage available to the current volumes. All three servers have the same amount of drives and storage space. How would I do this? What software do I need to download from HP to put on the third server to get it ready? How do I integrate this into the current cluster configuration and expand the storage?

Thank you.
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Thanks for the link, that's helpful. What software do I need on the new P4300 server? It came completely wiped.
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Same version of SAN/IQ as on the other nodes, you should be able to download it from since you are licensed for it on the other nodes. You will have to re-activate the license after installing it (mentioned in link above), but should activate OK since it is a P4300 and has been activated previously so HP should have the MAC address registered. HP are pretty tight on licensing, after all without the software it's just a DL180 server.
According to my other nodes they are running the 9.5 version of the software but I'm still not able to find the correct software that I need to get my new completely wiped server up and running. I called HP to get my license which I put onto a USB stick, but the only software I've been able to find that's actually a bootable ISO is the HP SAN recovery software, which doesn't like the license I have on my USB stick. Am I missing something?

Thanks for all the help (I won't verify that the process after clicking "select" works because HP phoned me up last time to try to sell me more storage). You need the quick restore DVD but it won't hurt to have the whole lot.
Perfect, thanks. That was the DVD I was using, so it looks like HP gave me the wrong license. I'll contact them again and see if I can get it cleared up.
Maybe the license HP gave you for the MAC address of the new server is for an older version, it could be a G1 rather than G2 P4300 for example.
I was able to get the software installed after giving HP a call for the Lefthand license again. I'm putting this in on Monday so we'll know if everything goes smoothly then. Thanks for all your help!
Worked perfectly, thank you!