combobox populated from another combobox

i Have 2 comboboxes (Combobox1,Combobox2) as given below. Combobox2 is populated base on what is selected on Combobox1, so if the record having "John" is selected in Combobox1, Combobox2 dropdown displays all the orders of "John" i.e

1 cds      new
1 lang    new

but, i want the Combobox2  to be populated with the 3 column (i.e new) when i pick on a record.
normally i changed the bound column property to 3 but its not working, not populating "New"

ID Name
1 John
2 Mary
3 Josso

ID Order Staus
1 cds      new
2 books  old
3 films   old
1 lang    new
3 apples

what am i doing wrong?
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Column property is zero based, so the third column would be 2.

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