Creating a dynamic drop view sql statement

Hey everyone,

I'm attempting to create a dynamically generated sql statement that will drop all views in the designated database and schema but I'm running into some issues.  Here's what I have so far:

declare @databasename varchar(50);
declare @model_id INT;
declare @SchemaName varchar(8);
declare @SQL nvarchar(max)

set @DatabaseName = 'Database1'
set @model_id = 35
set @SchemaName = 'Schema1'

select @SQL = 'IF EXISTS(select * from [' + @DatabaseName + '].INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = ''' + @SchemaName + ''')
WHERE [TABLE_SCHEMA] = ''' + @SchemaName = '''

print @SQL

print @SQL

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I think I have the bones but just having trouble with the last bit to make it run properly.  In theory this should generate a view existence check and drop statement for each view that exists in the database schema and execute them.  Any help is very much appreciated.

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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
That won't do it.  You need a separate, specific DROP statement for every view.

I suggest inserting the generated drop statements into a temp table, and cursor thru them and execute them.  If you're willing to take that approach, let me know and I will code it up and post it here.

You could also try to concatenate the statements using XML and run them as a CLOB, but certain special chars are then a royal p.i.t.a. to deal with.
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
Hi Expert no need to use Cursor to create Drop view script for each view.

USE AdventureWorks
SELECT @listStr = COALESCE(@listStr+',' ,'') + Name
FROM Production.Product
SELECT @listStr

Incorporate your need here. This is just a hint. You will get result because I have been using the same for multiple drop or create script.

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jisoo411Author Commented:
Got it!  Here's the piece of corrected code that I'll be integrating into the original script:

declare @SQL nvarchar(max);

select @SQL = coalesce(@SQL + ',','') + 'DROP VIEW ' + TABLE_SCHEMA + '.' + TABLE_NAME from database1.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS where TABLE_SCHEMA = 'schema1'

exec database1.dbo.sp_executesql @SQL

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Thanks for the help, I didn't want to do this procedurally by using temp tables and loops so that my code would run faster.
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