exchange 2013 OWA some users have access and some do not.


I have installed a clean install of exchange 2013 on a server 12 virtual machine.
I also use igetmail to bring messages from a POP 3 account
When accessing OWA, some users area able to access their mailbox, however some cannot. This seems to be intermittent as a user that has access now may not have access later. I have logged in to different users from the same machine and the issue seems to be across some users but not all.
The error message is :
 "The Website cannot display the page http 500"

I have confirmed the services are running, website is running and the application pool is running.

The individual mailboxes are not over their limits, The dns entry OWA points to the correct server and I can ping owa

I am not sure what else to check that I haven't already.

Any assistance would be most appreciated Thankyou
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SJPAUSAuthor Commented:
Problem Resolved

I found a solution that suggested deleting cookies in Microsoft Internet explorer.  This is blocked by a group policy (which I will fix next), but in the mean time all users can access via Chrome.

Thank oyu
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