Looking for a good PHP/MySQL web host, again

To responders, please only recommend web hosts you've personally experienced. The features I'm looking for, and all of them are MUSTS:
- Has to have SSH access
- Has to allow MySQL Workbench (hate PHPMyAdmin) access to MySQL database
- Has to have phone technical support that does not entail up to 30 minute or more wait times. NO LIVE-CHAT-support-only please.
- Does not force you to use aliases for your database names. In other words, if I want to create a database named People, I should be able to name it that way, not prefix or suffixed by something, or worse, they give you an alias like D01357235239 (like what 1and1.com does)

So you see, I'm not that demanding :)

Please do not recommend the following as I've already tried them:

NameCheap.com (it was good at first, but support is live chat only and got old real quick, and I just cancelled my account today. Took them 20 minutes to give me a link where I could request for the cancellation myself; that was frustrating)
1and1.com (phone support entails a ridiculous long wait during peak hours, and can't access my database with MySQL Workbench. Twice I was on hold for 30 minutes and gave up)
GoDaddy.com (their setup is so weird and restrictive, it was a joke)
InMotionHosting.com (can't remember the reason, except they didn't have all the features I listed above)
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I assume you're looking for shared hosting?

I can't speak to their shared hosting or VPS services - as I've only done dedicated with them - but I always had good experiences with LunarPages.
elepilAuthor Commented:
Erzoolander, thanks for responding. I should have stated 24/7 phone support. I just checked out Lunar Pages, and it sounded good until they told me phone support was only M-F, like 7am to 5pm, and the only other support they have is email which has a 4-hour response time. But thanks for making a recommendation.
Wonder if that's shared support - because I know for a fact I've called them (on dedicated support - mind you) before at 2am and gotten their support reps.
Ray PaseurCommented:
I have had good hosting results with ChiHost, LiquidWeb and HostGator.  In all cases I used inexpensive shared hosting and rarely had any occasion to need tech support, but when I did, they were immediately helpful.  You might also want to look at the "thanks" list on PHP.net - these are the companies that support the open source community, so they understand our needs and expectations.  Pair Networks could be a good choice.

I don't have time to call them all and research your exact needs, but I know that you'll be on firm ground if you find one of these companies that ticks all your checkboxes.

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elepilAuthor Commented:
erzoolander, yes, it is shared support that I was talking about.
elepilAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding!
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