perl script help

Hello Experts:

I am looking for multi-threaded script to parse through the NAS folders and subfolders .. and get checksum values of all files

Sample output
Path, File, checksumvalue

Using this script - doesn't work

use File::Find;

find(sub {return unless -f $File::Find::name; system("cksum $File::Find::name");}, '/directory1')

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please assist ...

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Personally, I'd do it this way...  This is just using File::Find directly - if it does not perform well enough, we can add in forking to search multiple places at once...

use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Find ();
use Cwd ();

# for the convenience of &wanted calls, including -eval statements:
use vars qw/*name *dir *prune/;
*name   = *File::Find::name;
*dir    = *File::Find::dir;

my $cwd = Cwd::cwd();

# Traverse desired filesystems
File::Find::find({wanted => \&wanted}, '/directory1');

sub wanted {
    return unless (-f $_);
    my $cksum = `cksum $name`;
    $cksum =~ s{^\s+}{};
    $cksum =~ s{\s+.*$}{};
    print "$dir,$_,$cksum\n";

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I think your original script would work (at least produce cksum output for each file) if you switch $File::Find::name to $_.

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In what sense is that multi-threaded?
It's not.  I figured we'd start with something simple that worked and then move to multi-thread/process.  If the OP is happy with what I provided then that's fine with me.
CalmSoulAuthor Commented:
I am just happy somebody replied
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