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RDS Group Policies

Hi Experts,

I;ve installed a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine with RDS role. I configured some GPO's to lock the server down for the users. When I logon with a domain admin account, these policies are applied as well.

How can i prevent the GPO's to execute when i logon with a domain admin account?
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You can use security filtering to apply the policy only to users.
Manjunath SulladTechnical Consultant

Open Group policy mangement (gpmc.msc)

Select RDS GPO (Respective GPO).

Click on Scope,

Select the security filtering option below,

Remove the Authenticated users / or add group to filter the GPO.

Another open it to "Deny" the Domain Admin group from Applying the GP...


Thanks, I configured security filtering. Then i configured a deny on the "apply policy settings" for the domain admins group. Works!