Redirect Http traffic from F5 to any CAS server

Hi,  we have 4 multiple role exchange 2010 servers in our environment with cas array. all servers are in same site. we are using F5 to load balance our all Outlook anywhere and Owa traffic.
I am having some issues with my F5 due to which I am planning to bypass F5 and point all this traffic to any one of the CAS server.

how can I achieve it and what all configuration it would require?
parv kumarengineerAsked:
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Guy LidbetterCommented:
Hello Parv,

If this is a temporary solution until you resolve your issues, your best bet would be a DNS round robin in the interim. The namespace DNS Record, which I assume was pointing the the F5 VIP for the array, must now point to each of the CAS Servers.
I would suggest the autodiscover then be changed to a CNAME pointin at, otherwise you'd ned to round robin there too...

Lastly, if you use any mail gateways or firewalls to host OWA\OA externally, they would need to point to the DNS namespaces not IP's.
Hi parv kumar,

If I understand correctly, you can do this easily by round robin DNS (AWFUL method) or by some software like TMG 2010.

DNS - Setup 4 DNS entries of OWA and point each entry to each of the CAS server IPs.

TMG 2010 - Setup an appropriate rule to forward the traffic to a farm (Your CAS servers)

Hope this answers your question.

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