Restore faxes on sbs Server 2008 r2 with fax services

We had a significant server crash (server 2008 r2) and I had to rebuild the server from scratch. I have all of the data but the Windows backup does not have what it needs for a full restore. I have the client's history of faxes that they need available. Is there something special that needs to be done to restore these and make them available or is it as simple as dropping them back into the fax folder?

Any advice or articles would be appreciated.


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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Dropping them in the fax folder will simply copy the tiff's into those folders but it will not restore their ability to see what they sent and received in the fax/scan GUI, at least I never have been able to and have put this request on many Microsoft forums and their solution is to open the tiff files manually but not from the "Sent/Received"  in the fax/scan interface/gui.
w_marquardtOwnerAuthor Commented:
While this isn't a good solution it does seem to be true. I followed this up with Microsoft as well on a support call and they essentially said the same thing.
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