How to make the computer column in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?

Dear Experts,
I am using Microsft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, i am using X++ language, i have made on query "SMgitComplete", and one view "smGitCompleteView", under view, i have made one Method which give me the GRV Date of the current line. below is a code of that.

public static server  str smGRNDate()
    VendPackingSlipTrans    vendPackingSlipTrans;

    select firstOnly DeliveryDate from vendPackingSlipTrans
        order by recid desc
        where vendPackingSlipTrans.InventTransId == SysComputedColumn::returnField(tableStr(SMgitCompleteView),identifierStr(PurchLine_),fieldStr(PurchLine,InventTransId))
        && vendPackingSlipTrans.qty != 0
        && vendPackingSlipTrans.ValueMST != 0;
    return  date2str( vendPackingSlipTrans.DeliveryDate,321,DateDay::Digits2,DateSeparator::Slash,DateMonth::Digits2,DateSeparator::Slash,DateYear::Digits2);


"VendPackingSlipTrans" is not the part of my query and i cannot include this table in my query, so i am using method to get desired value from VendPackingSlipTrans and populated into the views column, but i am facing error.  error msg has been attached.Error.jpg
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Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
did you build this view? SMgitCompleteView, error is pointing at the view
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
you might just need to do a sync
mahmood66Author Commented:
Yes, i have build this view. and i have made this method,
InventTransID is a field in View, i am using the same field and fetching GRV date from another table (VendPackingslipTrans).  but when i assign this method to a computed string field, system show the above mentioned Error:
as per your advice, i am trying to sync, but while clicking on "Sync", system shows the same message. kindly help me to resovle this,

if you need any further explanation, let me know.
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mahmood66Author Commented:
One more thing i noticed, that if i compile each object (individually) in Project, it compiles successfully. but when i compile full project, it give me error that "CIL generation: The given key was not present in the dictionary."

might be, above given information will help you to solve my problem.
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
Go to tools -> options -> development and untick run CIL etc

This might give a more meaning full error

Also are you able to export your project and upload on here? Or email to me? Which version of ax is this?
mahmood66Author Commented:
i have attached project:
i have created Method "smGRNDate" under View "SMgitCompleteView", i wanted to created one computer column and call this method to calculate the ageing.
I am using Dynamics AX 2012 R3.
mahmood66Author Commented:
sorry, forget for upload the project.  but now i am uploading, but i m getting msg: "The Extension of the UP-loaded file is not in the list of Accepted Extensions"
what is other way to upload the whole project, the exported file extension is xpo.
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
Email to me if you like
mahmood66Author Commented:
email has been sent to you  with Subject "SM_GITComplete"
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
looks like you might have missed a couple of tables from you the project

mahmood66Author Commented:
Dear Damon,
     How  can i upload the "XPO" file (project file).
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
Send to same email as last time, on route to Microsoft ignite at the moment so might not be able to look straightaway
mahmood66Author Commented:
email has been sent yesterday.
mahmood66Author Commented:
I had sent you email, 2,3 day back, can you confirm me either you have received it or not?
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
Yes sorry at Microsoft ignite at the moment will take a look for you today
mahmood66Author Commented:
Still waiting for positive reply.
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
ahh oddly was just looking, can you send me the first project again as I removed it and when I just import the second one again mass errors

compile log

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mahmood66Author Commented:
Dear Damon,
sorry for this much delay, but what i notice, we have bundle of customize fields and i cannot send all the table which are using customize fields.
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