Group Policy Setting to allow for a primary and secondary WSUS 'site' for receiving windows updates

Is there a Group Policy Setting to allow for a primary and secondary WSUS 'site' for receiving windows updates?  We want our laptops to be able to fail-over to when they are unable to reach our WSUS server. We do not have a WSUS server in our DMZ so that's not an option.  Thanks in advance!
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Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
You need to run a script

this is one I used

# Check server availability
function pingServer ([String]$server) {

    Write-Host "Checking server $server"
    $ping = New-Object

    1..3 | foreach {
        write-host $result = ($ping.send($server)).status.toString();
        sleep 1

    return "$result"

# Discover WSUS Server address
function getWSUSServer {

        $inserver  = (get-itemproperty -erroraction "SilentlyContinue" hklm:\software\microsoft\policies\windows\windowsupdate-bkp\ WUServer).WUServer
        $outserver = (get-itemproperty -erroraction "SilentlyContinue" hklm:\software\microsoft\policies\windows\windowsupdate\     WUServer).WUServer

        if ($inserver){
            $wuserver = $inserver
        } elseif ($outserver) {
            $wuserver = $outserver
        } else {
            throw "Could not find nor internal or external WSUS configuration."

        Write-Host "WUServer is $wuserver"
        return $wuserver


# Change between locations configuratons
function changeLocation ([String]$location) {
    if ( $location -eq 'internal' ){

        rename-item      -erroraction "SilentlyContinue" hklm:\software\microsoft\policies\windows\windowsupdate -NewName "windowsupdate-bkp"

        Set-ItemProperty -erroraction "SilentlyContinue" hklm:\software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU UseWUServer 0

        write-host "Location changed to $location."

    } elseif ( $location -eq 'external' ){

        rename-item      -erroraction "SilentlyContinue" hklm:\software\microsoft\policies\windows\windowsupdate-bkp -NewName "windowsupdate"

        Set-ItemProperty -erroraction "SilentlyContinue" hklm:\software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU UseWUServer 1

        write-host "Location changed to $location."

    } else {

        trhow "Location can be either internal or external, not $location."



# main

if ( (pingServer(getWSUSServer)) -eq "Success") {

    Write-Host 'WSUS server available.'
    changeLocation ('internal')

} else {

    Write-Host 'WSUS server unavailable.'
    changeLocation ('external')


Write-Host "End of script."

Open in new window

Using a GPO, configure Windows Task Scheduler to run this powershell script at machine startup with SYSTEM permissions

hope this helps

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JohnArmstrongAuthor Commented:
This is interesting, thank you, I will give this a test next week and let you know !
JohnArmstrongAuthor Commented:
Thank you, great suggestion and script.
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