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printing slips

We have domain member workstations and we want their default printing is A5 for all domain members when they login in those workstation in order to print appointment slips.

Our IT organization management do not want to do this configuration in active directory scripts.

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Lionel MM

8/22/2022 - Mon
Lionel MM

If I understand you right you want users to assigned a default printer so they can print to that printer? If so then this will work--in this example a printer with the name "HP 4300 dtn" must exist so change that to the name of the printer you want to be the default.
RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /y /n "HP 4300 dtn"
If you want certain users to get it and not everyone then use
If %UserName% == abcde RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /y /n "HP 4300 dtn"
You can add this to a the logon script or you can put it on the users desktop and have them run it manually (I have tested it on a Win7 desktop and it works)

we want their default printing is A5
Even if you were to set the printer to default to an A5 tray, that will not force all prints to default to A5.

Paper size selection is done in the application, not on the printer/driver. For example, if I create an A4 document in Word, it will be printed on A4, regardless of what the printer is set to. This happens because the application settings override the driver settings - which in turn override the settings you may have made on the printer itself. When you start a new document, Word does take its default paper size from the default setting on the currently selected printer, but any existing document will be printed on the paper size it was created for. Similar things happen in other applications. Some act the same as way Word, some remember the last used paper settings, and some always go back to the default printer/paper settings. Also, I assume you do not want to create all new documents in A5 size!

So, your IT people were right in rejecting this request.
Ismail Al Ansary

workstations were assigned defaul laserjet printers. we use in-house applications for appointment. we wat to print A5 slips for customers.
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William Peck
Lionel MM

OK so you may have to clarify what you means my A5 slips, what you are using to print it, and what are you asking the default printer to be? Please separate the printer from the job you want done--thank you.

There are some applications that can print any size document to any size paper. Acrobat Reader is one of them: regardless of the document size you can always ask it to fit that document to the paper.

However, in normal circumstances, to print A5 slips you need to create A5 documents - in whichever application you use.

If your application is a DOS application that does not control the printer settings, then you can set the A5 paper size on the printer (from its front panel menu or its web page). Whatever your DOS application then sends to the printer will be printed on A5. Normal WIndows applications will override that setting, and print whatever size they require.

So the question is: what application are you using to print your A5 slips?
Ismail Al Ansary

printers are loaded by A5 papers but when users want to print they get default paper size is A4. ther have to change it to A5 each time which takes times and customers have to wait for long qeue in order to be finished.
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Please reply to my question: what application are you using to print your A5 slips?
Lionel MM

and also which laserjet printers please
Ismail Al Ansary

the used application is SAP webapllication. printers are lexmark & HP printers.
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James Murphy
Lionel MM

When you look at the printer properties page does the printer report which trays contain what size paper correctly? If not then that is the place to start. If it is correct then the application needs to be able to query the printer and send it to the right tray or the app needs to send the proper commands for the printer to interpret and print from the right tray. Unfortunately I don't know enough about SAP to tell you where this is done. Was it working before? Have you contacted SAP, and if so what did they say?

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Lionel MM

I think that is a very good idea