VB.Net - Getting 3rd party dll into realease folder and when publishing

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I have a third party dll which I have added as a reference in Properties/References.  Everything works fine at runtime. I notice when I do a Release build and publish to a folder, this dll is not included.    What is the best way of ensuring this.   If I copy it manually in to the folder, would I not have to change the path in References or will the exe find it by default in the folder that itself is in.   Can I add it as a file and - Always Copy?  What is the best way?    Many thanks
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Lokesh B RDeveloperCommented:

1. Right Click on the third party reference in your References list.
2. Click properties and Set Copy Local = "True"
3. Rebuild and re deploy.


Remove the existing reference of external dll and follow the below steps to include the dll when publish.

1. Create a folder called "Lib" in your solution.
2. Add the external DLL to that fodler.
3. Add References and select the dll from the Lib folder.
4. Click Ok.
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