I need to set up a PC with CIsco Unified CM Administation attendant login

We have an older version of Cisco Call Manager, One of our main offices has a PC set up with the Cisco Attendant allowing the operator to answer calls with her computer. I have someone in another office that would like the same thing, but I am thinking I need to create a separate attendant login for her. I know the username and password of the attendant in use, but I am concerned if I log into another computer with it, it may bump her out. Does anyone know if the attendant can be logged in twice? If not, where can I create another cisco login attendant ID? All input on call manager is welcome
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José MéndezCommented:
Try going under the Application menu on the main Callmanager administration interface. There you should see an option to create another user/password.

Just as a friendly reminder: The attendant console plugin that comes with CM 6 is no longer supported in 7 o 8. If you still have the option to download the plugin installer, is because the system was upgraded from 6 to 7, where they chose to maintain the link. In version 8 it was entirely removed.
Thor2923Author Commented:
well that was a piece of cake!  thanks
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