SSD's for Dell PE server and RAID


I'm looking at emplacing a new server in my organization that will handle AD, File services along with SQL as well as be the VM host for the aforementioned items.  I'm thinking of doing all the drives as SSD's, but wanted to run this by you experts to see if there are any gotchas, reason's for not going full in with SSD etc.  If you could let me know, I'd appreciate it.


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You need to choose the SSD wisely, because your RAID controller certainly isn't going to handle it properly.  There will be no TRIM, and no guarantee of aligned I/Os.    That means big performance hit.    In fact, low end SSDs could actually  run slower than mechanical drives in this situation.

If you want to do SSDs in VMWARE, then personally I would limit their use to database index files, and scratch table space, and use the vmdirect to let the virtual machine have physical access to them.  Also don't put them behind a RAID controller.  Use native O/S-based software RAID1.  Do that, and you'll get the full performance benefits of the SSD.
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I like to do RAID 10 with my drives....I've read some case studies from Intel that show they work really well...anyone out there had any issues with SSD's and RAID levels above RAID 1?
They certainly work really well but you're wasting performance with user's files on SSD, they probably keep a load of junk that they only read once per year.

How about using several normal disks plus one or two SSDs in conjunction with CacheCade read cache? Take a ganders at the whitepaper "increasing database performance using the dell perc H700 with cachecade" (Bastards dell for copy-protecting it, I had to type the whole title out).
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