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Simple script needed from VB to Jython

dlnewman70 asked
I am trying to convert a simple string command of VB code into jython.

If Mid(VarValues(17),11,1) <> "E" Then Result = "E_312" Else Result = Right(VarValues(17),5) End If

How would this be written in Jython code?
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Mark BradyPrincipal Data Engineer
Im not sure what type of object VarValues would be but the wat to do this in Python (which I assume jython would understand) would be like this:
Result = 'E_312' if [put your condition in here] else [put your else result in here]

#This can be done on one or in a code block like this:

if [put your condition in here]  is not 'E':
    Result = '' # set the correct value here
    Result = '' # set the correct value here

#The square brackets would be replaced with whatever object you are working with
# I assume it to be a list

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Senior Software Engineer
In Python:
(assuming that VarValues(17) is probably an Array in VB, so converting to Python)
if VarValues[17][10] <> "E": 
    Result = "E_312" 
    Result = VarValues[17][-5:]

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