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Custom attribute....AD Schema

Active Directory 2012r2 / Exchange 2013

We're going to use a 3rd party software that standardizes email signatures, but our user community wants their Professional Credentials in the signature Such as Dr., RN, MBA etc.

There's no field for this in AD so it was suggested that we create a custom field or custom attribute etc.

I need to know the steps to add this field to AD using the Schema Module I presume. OR can a field that isn't in use be used or repurposed?

We just recently moved away from AD 2003 and created a new forest AD 2012r2 and I don't want if fouled up in any way. But they want this.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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Director, Information Systems
Here's a YouTube video on how to add a custom attribute to AD.

Here's an equivalent Microsoft article.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

Thank you for the points.  Were you able to solve your problem?


I created the custom attribute and of course it modified the schema, that worked. My irritation came later when they said it couldn't be used....soooooo I modified the schema based on the info given and we now have a custom attribute for 'credentialing' that will never be used.

But you get the points, the custom attribute was created :-)