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Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate

JohnPaddock asked
IE10 win7.  We have one computer (doesn't matter who's logged in), where after logging into a certain site, they try to go to a page within that site, but it keeps giving "Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate".  It looks like an embedded frame within the webpage.  When I click the I.E. lock, it says the certificate is ok.  If I click 'show content', it says 'access denied and shows an address ending in jsp.

When I log into it from firefox and go to that embedded page, it says "This connection is Untrusted".  w05.dealer.acme.com uses an invalid security certificate, but on the previous page, it showed that dealer.acme.com had a valid certificate.  Is this the issue somehow that it's adding the w05 before the address for this embedded page?  and below that is says "the certificate is only valid for www.optionsxpress.com.au  error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain.  I don't know what the optionsxpress.com.au site is, but shouldn't it say our company name there?

This site works on all our other computers with no special setup.  Can I remove\reset all the certificate stuff somehow on this one computer and let it start from scratch?
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Director, Information Systems
It seems likely this page has content either embedded or included from a site other than that for which their SSL certificate is valid.  In other words, there's untrusted content on the page.

Since it's just this one computer, it's possible the "untrusted" content has its own certificate, but this computer can't get to the CA to authenticate it.  I would check the networking settings on this computer (including DNS servers and hosts file) to try to identify the issue.


Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!     That w05.dealer url is in that machines host file (with an old address I imagine).  Removing it solved the issue.  Someone must have put it there a long time ago while trouble-shooting a different issue.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

Happy to help.  Thank you for the points.