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How to manage Office license and collect volume license keys used on servers & Windows 7 clients?


In my company, we use Windows 7 pro 64bit and MS office 2010. For MS office, we use MS volume licensing program. We add licenses per request base and sometimes add licenses for the whole department (Meaning Qty 40 or so).

Recently I took over the role of managing MS office license, but the current situation is chaotic and I'm at a loss.  I don't know how many license are actually used and which ones are available. Even I found a couple of licenses that are purchased and never been used...Clearly this is not a Microsoft problem, but I wish they had a tool or an organized way for customers to maintain the MS licenses .

I would like to know how to collect volume license key information already installed on computers Also, any advice or tips on maintaining MS office are greatly appreciated.
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MS does not provide such tool, but you can install BelManage (not free) in your server if you want to obtain all iicencing info for all computers in your network.

You may want to investigate the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.   There is an automated workstation inventory tool that may be able to help.  According to Microsoft:
The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit is an agent-less integrated toolkit to conduct network-wide inventory of your desktop and server environment and generate hardware and device compatibility assessments of your existing machines for Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 OS migration.  This toolkit also offers virtualization candidates assessment for your Hyper-V and App-V projects.

This quote is from an earlier version.  Grab the current version free from Microsoft.  Search their downloads for Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit.

Another option is to look for a PowerShell script.
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Thank you for your comments. I will check BelManage program, but since it's not free, it's hard to get the approval to purchase that program. Firstly, I will contact belarc and ask for the trial download.

At the same time, I will take a look into MDT tool. I will get back shortly after testing them and let you all know.