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MS PPT and square images

I have an image of the letter 'A'  surrounded by white apace.  

The letter is in a specific font.  However, the image is in the shape of a predominantly vertical rectangle.  

I want to make this image a square, not a long rectangle.

I know I can outcrop the sides to make the image more of a square.  Is there a way to make this image a perfect square?

(I don't really care about the cropping because all of the edges are white, as is the slide background).

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You could draw a square, color it white, and group it with the picture.

Alternatively, you can fill a square with an image, but that's not going to give you an empty white square with the A in the center -- which is what I think you're trying to get.

Otherwise you could crop to a perfect square. (But that's not going to fill in the sides.) If you want to experiment with cropping to a perfect square, you can click the bottom of the Crop button and choose Aspect Ratio, 1:1. That will give you a square rather than a rectangle or rather than forcing you to use the Format Shape dialog and input numbers to crop by the numbers.

Oh! One thing that might work is using that Crop to 1:1 Aspect ratio to get the perfect square, then click the Crop button again to re-enter crop mode and drag the corner of the shape inside the crop marks. Since you've got a white background on a white slide, it won't matter in this case and might be a quick way to get what you want. Be sure to press SHIFT when you resize the picture, even in CROP mode.

http://echosvoice.com/crop-circles-in-powerpoint/ is a blog post I did a while back that might help explain this a bit.
Also, if you go the crop route -- that is, crop to a 1:1 square, then size the picture smaller than the crop -- after you do that, you can right-click and choose Save as Picture. Opt for a JPG. This will give you a new square picture with the sides (where it was transparent in the crop) filled in with white.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
Alternatively you can open the graphic up in an editing application and add sides to it.

In this example I've opened a graphic up in Artweaver - a free painting application - and opened up the dialog to change the canvas size.  Artweaver is presently displaying the graphic size and I will increase the size to 500 by 500 and save it.  I may have to recolour the extra edges to be the same as the original picture.