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Visual Studio Express 2013 non-stop cursor

Has anyone experienced their mouse cursor spinning non-stop while using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013? The program still functions (barely) but it gives me the impression that it is doing something in the background. Can someone recommend an equivalent program that works?
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you should see some text of what's happening in the lower left corner of VS saying what action is being performed. You can also try hitting the ESC key to cancel whatever is going on, often prompting what the action is that's occurring
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It says "Ready" in the bottom left hand corner yet the cursor spins. The cursor stays in this state from the moment I open any page until I close the program. I can still edit but many times it will pause, all while the cursor goes around in circles non-stop.

I experienced the same behavior on my old system Windows 7-32 bit) so I was hoping that a fresh install on my new PC would solve the problem but no luck.

I found a few other forums where other users have complained about the same issue but they did not receive an answer either. Because this is a free program I can't imagine that Microsoft would provide any support so I am open to switching to an equivalent program as long as it works.
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With troubleshooting today it appears that Visual Studio Express 2013 does not like ASP. When I open a brand new html page it seems fine but if I rename the page with an .asp extension then if I move the mouse anywhere over the design view the cursor spins. I suspect that only Microsoft would really know why this is happening.

I will look at both SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop and decide which way to go. Thanks for the tip.
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Since it appears that there is no way to fix this issue I feel it would be best to move to one of the two development tools suggested by Big Monty.
have yu done a re-install? I develop all the time in asp (classic and .NET) and have never run into that issue. Also, did you find anything in the event log? is the site local or remote?

if you're going the alternate IDE route, why not accept my post on that as the answer?
I already accept your other IDE suggestions as the solution by clicking Accept as Answer but this system seems buggy. I'll do it again.