Rf value: Ibuprofen vs Acetanilide

Would you expect Ibuprofen or Acetanilide to have a higher Rf value?

Ibuprofen is less polar, so I believe it would.

Silica plate being used
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Interesting question posed by your professor since Acetanilide has been banned for pharmaceutical use. So I don't see how that's a fair comparison for you.

I can't seem to find any other uses for it other than hydrogen peroxide.
With what solvent?
Well, I see on a pdf file which can not be posted, that the Rf value for ibuprofen is: Ibuprofen (I) 0.785
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All the values are on the right. Why the comparasion?
stevedellAuthor Commented:
Well I think regardless of the solvent, if the stationary phase is the same, one ibuprofen and acetanilide would still consistently differ in the same way (ibuprofen should have a higher Rf regardless of the solvent I think)

The question came up on an organic chemistry lab exam, and the professor herself admitted that it's a very tough decision without conducting the experiment. The solvent was not specified on the question.

Some literature I've seen suggests that ibuprofen would have a higher Rf than acetanilide given silica is the stationary phase
stevedellAuthor Commented:
I was thinking the same thing joinaunion

Thanks everyone. I even got the professor to agree that it wasn't a fair comparison
Good on you.

I was glad to help. :)
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