Exchange 2013 Retention Policy Report

I am running Exchange 2013 Standard and setup a retention policy to delete email older than 6 months from a few default folders. Before actually applying it to users' mailboxes, I wanted to see if there was a way to run a report and see exactly what email will be deleted. It seems Exchange 2003 provided some reporting and other versions of Exchange with retention policies allowed you to "Mark as Past Retention Limit" rather than deleting, but I don't see any of those features in Exchange 2013.

If there is no reporting or way to mark items as past the retention policy in Exchange 2013, what do you recommend for testing without affecting any users? I don't have any test mailboxes with more than 6 months worth of email. So the best I could think of would be to import someone's email into a test mailbox and apply the retention policy.
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Joshua HopkinsPresidentCommented:
Importing from a PST file to test would be recommended.  I am not sure about the reporting but I think it was removed to comply with regulations and legal requirements.
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