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IDT - Different Schemas in different environments for same tables used in a Universe


I have a Universe in Development where I have tables pointed to a schema (DW) in DEV but in TEST/INT I have the same tables under a different schema (TESTDW). So when I promote the Universe & reports from DEV to TEST, I will be getting errors as the schema is incorrect. So we need to find a way so that we can define the schema globally instead of having it at the individual table.

I know we can repoint the schemas, etc but i need to avoid extra work in other environments.
Known Solutions: Promote the reports to TEST, then select all the tables & change the schema by Right Clicking the selected tables and selecting Change Qualifier/Owner.
One of the reasons, I don't want to follow this route, because I have lot of derived tables which I need to change it manually by editing the SQL Statement, If I add new tables or columns again in future & promote them to TEST, then again I have to change the schema.

Did anyone faced this kind of issue?Is there any other way that we can use like Begin_Sql , etc?
(FYI, I am using BO4.0 SP5)
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Maruthi Rao Yarapathineni

as per my understanding we need to perform only once in all three environments. next time onwards we don't promote the connections.  we just promote with out any dependencies.
Since you are dealing with many derived tables, you need to perform this activity manually. Mostly I deal with SAP BW almost way back I have worked on DW back end.
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I know the solution that you are saying. I already mentioned it in my question. I am looking for an alternative solution.
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Mike McCracken

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