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Creating and removing printers via GP


We currently deploy printers via GP and it works very well. We have a printer that we only want deployed to a particular security group. We use item level targeting and it works well. I've just noticed that it doesn't take the printer away once the user logs out, and it gives other (standard) users the ability to print to 'That' printer.

Can anyone help me with what the configuration needs to be so that the printer doesn't hang around after the privileged user has logged off?

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I'll try that.

What I did try is making a copy of the printer in GP then setting it to delete for everyone, then higher in the queue it creates the printer again.
Yeah you have to be aware of the processing order of each item otherwise it may end up behaving strangely and it will do your head in!

See attached screenshot of our OR and IS NOT rule if it helps at all..
Thanks. So should I simple create a 'copy' of the update printer GP entry and convert it to delete and apply the IS NOT rule?
Yeah that would be easiest I think, either way should be a pretty quick process. Order the items so that the Delete processes last.
Fantastic! Works perfect