Windows Server 2008 Hangs on restart applying updates

I initiated a restart on a Windows 2008 server and it is stuck on one of the Windows updates.  This is a virtual machine under HyperV.  I can browse to the drives on the server, but cannot remote in using remote desktop.  I believe many services were stopped during the restart.

I can connect to the server using HyperV Manager, but can no longer get to the start menu as the server seems to be partially shut down.

Do I have any option other than shutting off the server?  There is the typical Microsoft warning not to shut off the system during the update process and I am concerned about the result.
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Md. MojahidCommented:
you can shut down forcedly from HyperV Manager then remove NIC and try to start and stop update from control panel then add NIC and start manually as you want.
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