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Picture of patch panel with BT connections??

So see attached.  Our new office has a bit of a mess in terms of cabling. There is a cab with 3x patch panels in, of which 4x seem to terminate into a BT box and go either to the rear of the buliding (where there is 2x more BT LL boxes and 4x patch panels) or outside of the building.

Suggestions how the cabling is setup here, before i get a tester in?

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My pure guess is someone had a Telephone system or server that was extended from one place to another -

Pull it all and start again -
Looks like you got a 72 port patching going from one side to the other, don't pull it lol it was probably hard enough to do the first time.
4 of those go to a box who know what that goes to, the other two BT boxes are probably the BT line into the building and not connected to anything.
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What might help is a picture of the back as it may indicate how they have wired it. I suspect that you have just a couple of connections from the 20 pair to your Bt room. The other patch panels are probably just standard floor network connections. I would keep them, however check a few of them with a basic tester. Looks like you got lucky :)


most of the c70 connections have cat5 coming out, the cab doesn't have all connected..




reused floor points and re-cabled.