Datacentre failover

Hi Experts,

I was after some advice rather than having an issue.

Basically, we have been having a lot of power failures in our building and this is now causing the company a lot of issues with email going down due to the cuts as the servers are based in a Data Centre in our building and even though we have UPS's we are still struggling with keeping power up until the main power comes back.

The company do have 2nd Data Center and we are now considering moving most of our core services to the 2nd Data Center and make it Primary for the core systems, one of which is Exchange.

What I wanted to ask is, in order to move the Exchange services to the 2nd Data Center, is it advisable to carry out a Data Center fail over of our Exchange services and leave it running in the 2nd Data Center?  Theoretically it makes sense to do this, but I want thoughts on whether this is the ideal way to go.

I've carried out a Data Center fail over before, but then switched back afterwards.

Your advice is much appreciated.
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Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
If you already have a working DAG on exchange servers located at each datacentre then all you need to do is initiate a failover to the 2nd datacentre exchange server for all databases. This then will run as primary and failover back to the first DC if there's an outage.

Providing it's setup correctly so incoming and outgoing email works fine, client systems can connect to it, etc you shouldn't need to do anything else.

If it's not been setup correctly then you'll need to configure the second server for client connectivity and mail flow (which may include amending dns records, ensuring certificates are in place, etc).
novatekitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Hi Andy,

Thanks for coming back to me.  I have all the certs in place for each site, as well MX records etc.  The DAG is also setup and replicating the data across both sites as well.

I've attached a basic diagram of what i'm looking to achieve.  So basically, DR will become Primary and Primary will become DR.

AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Power Outage only effecting servers or users also? What about other hardware resources, like switches, router etc. Also, your users are located at one location or spread across globe?
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novatekitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Hi Amit,

The Power Outage effects servers and users who have desktop machines, but i'm not concerned about the users, but it pretty much affected all our hardware resources, because the power took so long to come back and the UPS's were rapidly running of power, but again that is not my issue at the moment.  My main focus is making the Exchange Services in the Data Center the Primary Services.

Our users are spread across Europe and in our head office.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You the right candidate for Office 365. As far as DR site is concerned. Are  you planning to make it as primary? Because I won't be doing it. I might focus on power issue or getting better UPS.
novatekitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Hi Amit,

Unfortunately the company doesn't want to go to Office 365.  

Yes I am planning on making the DR Site our Primary.  Can you explain why you wouldn't do that???

Tbh, the office building that we are in is a very old building and has been having power issues for a while and don't want to spend any more money on UPS's etc......they have paid for a hosted Data Center and now would like to make the most of that....and as they will also be moving to a new premises we will also they are now looking to migrate all services into the Data Center.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
If that is the case, then it is good to move Exchange server to new datacenter. If your DR site is up and running. Then you can move everything to DR site, change DB activation preference to 1 in DR site. Make sure CAS, HUB etc is setup correctly and necessary firewall ports are opened. If you have FSW in DR site, make it as primary.

If, I am in your place, I would have shutdown primary site Exchange server and moved them physically to new datacenter, changed the server IP's etc and bring it on. I don't see keeping even DR servers on current site due to power issue. Better contact MS and get all details. You also need to call your other vendors or team for changes related to HLB, Network etc.

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novatekitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Cool Thank You Amit.

I will assign the points to both you and Andy Morton.
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