Find JSP which set attribute with pageContext.setAttribute

I have this statement in JSP

  String mode = (String)pageContext.findAttribute(IParameterName.POPUPMODE);

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and I need to find where it is set?

How should I do that? Where should I look for using eclipse?
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findAttribute() will search for the attribute in page scope, session scope and application scope in that order. It will take the one it finds first.

It could be that the value is set on the jsp somewhere using a <c:set> or maybe its done through a custom tag handler.

I would suggest searching for uses of IParameterName.POPUPMODE in your project/workspace.

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KPaxAuthor Commented:
I have this statement in JSP (it is not my code, I am rewriting someone else code):

String mode = (String)pageContext.findAttribute(IParameterName.POPUPMODE);
POPUPMODE contains value (during debug where I am right now) value: EDIT

In eclipse I used 'File Search' -> 'POPUPMODE' which indeed found another JSP where I found statement (shorted for brevity):
String gnEditPopup = "popWindow('"+RequestUtility.getSiteURL(s1Request)+"?NEXT_PAGE="+I .... .... + IParameterName.POPUPMODE +"=" +I ....  user) +"</a>)"; 

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and then in IParameterName java class I found 'POPUPMODE' constant which indeed has a value 'EDIT'.

and I found
<input type="hidden" name="<%=IParameterName.POPUPMODE%>" value="<%=mode%>">

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I haven't found explicit 'pageContext.setAttribute'.

Now my question is how certain I can be that I found right place where 'POPUPMODE' attribute was set and what would be more elegant - smarter way to get this instead of searching through files with file search/text search?
did you search for pageContext.setAttribute("EDIT", .....? Someone could have skipped using the constant.
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KPaxAuthor Commented:
In whole project there are only 11 occurrences of "pageContext.setAttribute" and none of them is even remotely associated with EDIT or POPUPMODE
KPaxAuthor Commented:
I guess this would be the right place where it is set (shortened for the sake of brevity)?

String gnEditPopup = "popWindow('"+RequestUtility.getSiteURL(...)+"?NEXT_PAGE="+...."&"+ IParameterName.POPUPMODE +"=" +IConstants.EDIT + ....DetailsUtility.buildAdminEditPageInfo(...)+"','gn_popup', 600, 400);";

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+ IParameterName.POPUPMODE +"=" +IConstants.EDIT +
maybe. You could try and set it to a different value and see if it comes up.
Although I always thought query string parameters were request parameters rather than attributes.
PageContext.findAttribute() should not be able to find query string parameters.
Would be interested to see if it works.
KPaxAuthor Commented:
I found that parameter there and I think that is the right place where it is set.
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