Smoke and CO2 detector


I need to find some Smoke and CO2 detector that are hard wire do not use 9v bateries as back up bu AA batteries
The main thing is that do not bip when the battery is dead but instead have a flashing light or any other way to show low batterie
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I havn't seen any smoke detectors in the consumer area powered other than with the classic 9V blocks. Basically one could solder some kind of 6xAA battery casing onto the 9V socket, but I think that's not a good idea. The sensing electronics for "empty battery" is designed for the electric properties of the impleneted battery type and may misbehave when used with other types of battery ....

There are detectors for professional use (office/plant use) which are powered over wires, but those need some central alarming system (no own speaker for beeping).

The most simple way is to regulary change the batteries - the usually live longer tha 12 months, so simply change them once a year and your on the safe side.

About the signal ... I would try to check out stores (or websites) with products for people with disabilities - the surely would provide detectors i.e. for the the deaf, who might warn with flashights etc.
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
there is smoke detector with AA batteries
I looked because I can recharge those since the 9V are very hard to find rechargeable

Trowing batteries every year is just the ecological disaster I do not want to be part of

Thank you
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Here are a couple smoke/CO2 detectors that use AA batteries.  
First Alert Model # 7010B
First Alert BRK 3120B

I'm not sure they make detectors that don't beep when the battery is low - that may be mandated.  That said, many detectors do flash when their batter is low and - if you replace the batteries twice a year as recommended - you're unlikely to have to hear the alarm go off because the batteries are dead.

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Hmmm - hard to find ?

I've just searched for "accu 9V" and got 5 results with rechargeable 9V blocks on the first page.

BUT: Those rechargeable batteries (9V as well as AAA) tend to hold their capacity much shorter than regular alkaline cells, and they have a notably amount of self drain. I'd never use those on smoke detectors. Besides of that they have another cell voltage (AA nominal 1,5V / NiMH 1,2V). By stacking 6 AA you'll loose 6 x 0,3V = 1,8V, so yo'll have to add a 7th cell which is nearly impossible to get as accu pack of casing. That will leave you with 8,4V .. a value that easily trips the "battery empty" warning in my detectors. If you add an 8th cell, you'll get 9,6V which would possibly overload your electronic.

The only way I see to circumvent the problem w/o use of batteries would be to support the detectors with grid power, possibly buffered with some goldcap capacitors (to outlast power grid failure and burnt fuses).

P.S.: I've risked a second glance on the rechargeables ... how about something like THESE ? Low drain, rechargable, made esp. for smoke detectors ...
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
Excellent !!

no luck for smoke detector that do not beep when low batteries?
Not really ... you will find detectors for hearing impaired or deaf people i.e. here. These devics alarm with strobe lights and/or vibration etc., but I think law makes audible alarm mandatory - which leads to audible "battery low" alarm, too.

The only way around that - which I do NOT recommend at all - would be to buy such a device for deaf people and remove/disable/make switchable the speaker.

The main problem with that solution would be that the human brain - when asleep - turns off some senses (like the smell) and lowers the sensitivity of others (like the eyes). So if you have a deep sleep, the only way to wake you would be a sound - the louder the better - or a touch (that's why they sell vibrating devices to the deaf). And both ways are less effective and therefore only acceptable for people unable to hear.
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