jquery what does this statement do?

This what does this statement do?

var groupNames = jQuery(">tbody>tr.jqgroup span[title]", grid);

p.s. I have no other information, sample code, or demos, just this line.  If that is not enough, please allow someone else to answer.
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"grid" would be another jquery object that you're passing in.  Presumably a table element.
The jquery will select:

all spans that have a title attribute, anywhere within rows that have a jqgroup class, that are direct children of a tbody element, that's a direct child of the passed in grid.
Brief example of the above:

    <table id="mainObject">
            <tr class="jqgroup">
                <th><span title="blah">won't match, not within tbody</span></th>
                <td><span title="blah">won't match, row doesn't have a jqgroup class</span></td>
            <tr class="jqgroup">
                    <span>won't match, no title attribute</span>
                    <span title="blah">will match, has all criteria</span>

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jackjohnson44Author Commented:
Thanks, what is the leading >?

Also, why not use a
The leading > just means direct child of the "grid" you're passing in.
In this case, I can only assume it would be to not select child tables inside of that one.  But just a hunch.

And not really any difference.  If I were doing it I probably would have used .find().
.children() would be different, as that will ONLY select direct children.

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