Demote DC from one domain and promote to new domain

I have a situation where I built a new 2012 R2 domain controller as the only DC in its forest. I found out after the fact that we needed to add the new domain controller to an existing domain instead. Is is possible to demote this DC from its current domain and then turn around and join it to the existing domain and re-promote as additional DC?
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Yes this is completely fine to do this. There won't be any issues at all.

Simply Demote the DC, Reboot, add it to a workgroup. Join it to the new domain and then promote it to a DC in the new domain.

TheNetworkPro15Author Commented:
Fantastic news! Thanks again!
If I were you I would reload the OS first before putting this retired DC in a different domain as a domain controller. You could be introducing issues in the second domain if the there happened to be any remnant of the original domain left behind.
Rakesh KapoorCommented:
You can simple follow the steps to demote a domain Controller. Steps to demote a Domain Controller is given in this article.

After that reboot your computer. Delete the reference of domain name by going to system > change computer name > more .

After that proceed with the steps to promote a domain Controller. Steps are given below:
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