Maybe a wild sub-form question

I have a sub-form on a main form that displays in datasheet view mode.  But there are several fields across the sub-form and the user has to scroll horizontally to see them all.  The subform consumes about 60% of the width of the main form because there is another sub-form next to it.

My question is this...  Is there a way, via an onclick event of a command button, to make the sub-form fill the screen so the user can see more of it?  And then when the "zoomed" view of the sub-form is closed, bring the main form and sub-form back to normal?
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You can resize the subform by adjusting its width property.  I would use a button to toggle the width of the subform.  Or, you can use a tab control so only one subform is visible on each tab.
SteveL13Author Commented:
That worked great.  Thanks.
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