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Dynamic Formula - Ignore cell Formula is in

I should have tested the formula fully. When I added the formula =average(data) I get an error because the cell that contains the formula is on the same line in the named range. How can I ignore the cell that my formula is in?
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You are probably getting a circular reference error.

The simplest and most obvious solution, is to add your formula outside the named range.

You could redefine the range to exclude the cell in question.
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I would love to do what you said but I can't do it. Any other suggestions? BTW, as for this suggestions "You could redefine the range to exclude the cell in question. " that wont work because that column moves every time I add a column.
I haven't been following your earlier questions.
Can you post an example or give more details
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If I could give you a 1000 points I would. This was perfect. Thanks for all the help in the last couple of days.

Thanks for appreciation and always happy to help .. :-)