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mikeve0 asked
how do i prevent my mozila browser from ads popups,
i have deleted it and reinstall so many times, mozila is the  only browser that does that to me,  i really need help with it please
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I would try to get rid of the offending add-on that is likely allowing the popups before I'd block them with an additional program.

Do you get the pop-ups when running Firefox in Safe Mode?  On a Windows computer you can get there by holding Shift down when starting Firefox; I don't know about Apples.

If the problem does not exist in Safe Mode, it is very likely an add-on to Firefox causing the trouble.  Look at what add-ons are installed and enabled and you'll likely find the culprit.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
In my experience the Firefox built-in pop-up blocker does not block all pop-ups.  I don't know why this is.  I suspect it has something to do with cross-site scripting.

Regarding Adblock Plus ... the maintainer now gives some ad companies preference so that their "unobtrusive" and "unobjectionable" ads pass through.  I suggest Adblock Edge instead.

Note that even Adblock Edge uses the Adblock database.  Once a month it is necessary to go through the database by hand and un-whitelist the new items.  This is a chore the first time but after that it goes quickly.
You can still use Adblock plus, but you should also install flashblock and noscript if you want to block everything.  If you want your profile to have a clean slate, reinstalling Firefox won't do it.  That just installs the App, but doesn't clean out your Firefox Profile.  You'll need to delete your Firefox profile in the ~/Library folder.

If you remove your complete profile, then you'll start up with brand new settings for Firefox.  You can navigate to it through the finder or just remove it on the command line.
rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox