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Subtract a time from a time amount in a cell using a formula in another cell.

I have a spreadsheet to calculate time worked in a week.
The daily times are added together.
Then an amount of 45 hours should be deducted from the weekly time to calculate the overtime.
I get the weekly total time (R8), but cannot create the formula to subtract 45 hours from R8 in U8.
Put differently: How do I write a formula in U8 that gives me the total time in R8 minus 45 hours?
Picture below and worksheet attached.
User generated imageTime.xlsx
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Kyle Abrahams, PMP
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u8 = R8 - time(45, 0, 0)
You can use this formula in Cell U8:

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This is the normal format for the TIME function. You can also include minutes and seconds in the appropriate sections, if needed.

TIME ( hours, minutes, seconds)
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I stand corrected, good to know.
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Thanks. Superb.