Issues with Microsoft Mail

I'm working with Microsoft Mail's folder stuff and I'm having a few problems that I can't seem to sort out.

First, when a message is deleted, there's a folder there called "SentMail"  All deleted items are going into this mailbox:

Deleted mail going into folder called SentMail
I thought that perhaps the user had just changed the name of their deleted folder to SentMail, but it doesn't appear as if we can rename that folder:

Can't change name of SentMail Folder
So I'm not convinced that this is what happened.  I'm not sure what's causing mail to be routed to this folder.

When a message is sent, it gets put in a folder called "saved received mail;"  I can't change the name of this folder either.

This folder should be sent mail, but it's called Saved Received Mail for some reason.
I'm pretty confident that the user must have renamed these folders, but I'm not at all sure how this happened.

The account is set up as a IMAP - when I log into the mailbox's web interface, I can see the folders but I don't have the ability to rename them there, either.

The IMAP folders appear to be synchronizing just fine so maybe the problem is on the mail host's side?
Azra LyndseyNerdAsked:
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Azra LyndseyNerdAuthor Commented:
Update, I was able to get resolution on the folder called "saved received mail."  I was able to rename it from the ISP's web interface.  However, the ISP doesn't have the SentMail (really deleted items folder).  The SentMail folder doesn't have a duplicate of any kind on the ISP's server, so I'm sure this is a local folder only.  I'd still like suggestions for getting it named correctly.
Bradley DorranceHelp Desk AnalystCommented:
Do you have the IMAP Path Prefix / Root Folder Path set in the mail client? This may have an impact on how the folders sync. This is the normal setting, should be all caps:


Let me know if this helps.


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Azra LyndseyNerdAuthor Commented:
I'll check on this, thanks.
Azra LyndseyNerdAuthor Commented:
This computer was all kinds of messed up, so we ended up just re-installing Windows.  I think things are running much better now, thank you all for your help.
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