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I have the following javascript for a YouTube API application.  It takes an array of YouTube video ID's (bottomVids) and a Title string (theTItle) and loops through each video, using the YouTube API to get the thumbnails.

At the begining of the function, I set "bottomDesc" as an empty variable.  This variable will be used to  build the HTML that I will later put into the page using jQuery.

For some reason, when I get out of the $.getJSON block, "bottomDesc" is empty - as if it hadn't been set.
If I do an alert inside the $.getJSON block, the value is set.

I thought the variable would stay in scope for the whole function, but for some reason it's not.  Any ideas on what i can do to pass values to and use a variable this way?  

function changevids(bottomVids, theTitle) {	

		var videoDesc = "";
		var subDesc = "";
		var stats = "";
		var bottomDesc = "";
		var derClassin = "triovid";
		var videoImg, trioImg, viewCount;
		var bottomNums = bottomVids.length;
		alert("array length: " + bottomNums);
		var newtitle = theTitle;
		var g;
		var url = "";
//Middle Videos (3)
		for (i=0;i<bottomNums;i++){

			url = '' +bottomVids[i] + '&part=snippet,contentDetails,statistics,status'

			$.getJSON(url,function(data) {
				vidResults = data.pageInfo.resultsPerPage;
				for(var i=0;i<vidResults;i++) {
			   		vidID = data.items[i].id.videoId;
					title = data.items[i].snippet.title;
					hqImage = data.items[i].snippet.thumbnails.high;
					stats = data.items[i].statisitcs.viewCount;
					g = i + 1
					if (g % 3 == 0) {
						derClassin = derClassin + ' lastvid'; 		
						derClassin = 'triovid';		
					bottomDesc += '<div class="col-md-4 '+derClassin+'"><a onclick="swapvids(\''+ vidID +'\');" href="#"><img src="'+ title +'" width=200px height=122px border=0 /></a><p style="text-align:left;"><span class="vidTitle">'+ title +'</span><br/><span class="numViews">'+ stats +' views</span></p></div>';
			// an alert to check the variable - it's empty for some reason...
                       alert("144 bd: " + bottomDesc);
		bottomDesc += '<div style="clear:both;"></div>';
                //this alert shows just the '<div style="clear:both;"></div>' - but none of the information that should've been set inside the loop.
		alert("BD" + bottomDesc);
		$('#main_video').html('<iframe width="636" height="358" src="//'+bottomVids[0]+'?wmode=transparent" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen wmode="Opaque"></iframe>');
		$('#vidDescription').html('<h2 style="font-family:arial; font-size:20px; color:#bc8e30; margin-top:15px; margin-bottom:0px; border-bottom:#bc8e30 solid 1px; padding-bottom:5px;">' + newtitle + '</h2>');

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Here's info on 'scope' in javascript:  It says that if you declare the variable inside a function like you are doing, it exists only within the scope of that function.  If you declare it before and outside of the function, then it will be global.
slightlyoffAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response.  I declared the variable in the function and used the variable in the function - but it still seems to lose scope.

I will check out the article though and see if im missing something.  Thanks!
slightlyoffAuthor Commented:
I had to change my getJson's to ajax and turn async off.  That made it work.
Thanks for the help.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You're welcome, glad you got it working.
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