Office 2010 Error 1310: Error writing to file: C:Config.Msi...

Have a computer that was reloaded due to a hard drive replacement and when installing Office 2010 it goes through the installation but when trying to access the office programs, Word, Excel, etc.... the installation process goes through like it is setting up for the user but nothing comes up.  Tried to repair the installation but get the "Error 1310: Error writing to file: C:Config.Msi..." error.  Tried to uninstall but still see the Office application in Programs and Features.  Tried to uninstall again but says it is a corrupted installation and to reinstall.  This is going no where.  I have researched and found to rename, give access to the Config.msi folder and the windows assembly folder.  I also unregistered and re-registered the msiexe.  Has anyone else had this and found the fix for it?
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Marwan OsmanCommented:

repair your windows 7 computer and try, this was useful for some users, you can follow the below link for help about repairing:
LightWireAuthor Commented:
I had to reinstall Windows and then install Office.  Don't know how the install got corrupt.
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