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Volume Licensing

I am building 12 windows 2012 servers  in state enterprise department.

I asked licenses for application like Dynamics CRM, BizTalk, Inrule, SQL to be installed on these servers

they in turn asked me whether it is KMS or MAK Licenses I am looking for?

I am confused which type of licenses should I go for
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James H
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KMS - Key management Server license. This only applies if you have a KMS server managing the licensing for your Microsoft products. This is typical for Volume licensing for either Desktops, Office. There is no finite number of licenses this server can hand out.

MAK - Static keys from a contractual agreement with Microsoft. This key can be reused multiple times, however you must pay for each individual license (if audited by Microsoft).  This has a finite amount of licenses (typically 500) that can be activated.

I would assume you are looking for MAK keys and not KVM.
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I thought MAK can be used on or less than 25 pc ?

u are saying 500?
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