HP LaserJet P4015dn doesn't recognize accessories

Client has a HP LaserJet P4015dn and he recently installed accessories. At this point the printer has five trays and the envelope feeder installed. It's connected over the network.

The HP Universal Print Driver doesn't recognize the envelope feeder or Tray 5. I see some scattered complaints about this on the interwebs but I can't find a solution.

I tried rolling back to the Vista driver (x64), as this is a Win7 x64 machine, no joy. Anybody find a solution to this?
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Has the tray been activated in the driver?

For most printers (there are exceptions) options need to be manually enabled. Go to Printer Properties, and go through the various tabs. Look for something like "Device Settings" or "Options". There should be settings for all the installed options. Make sure the envelope feeder and Tray 5 are "installed"
milhouse537Author Commented:
OK, finally made headway on this.

The short version:

1) HP Universal Print Driver doesn't always recognize the accessories. For the P4015 on Win7 x64, however, the UPD is the only option. So you can use Vista x64 driver instead.

2) Even if the specific driver (not UPD) is used, the "auto-recognize" feature of the HP printer won't work over a network connection, only with USB apparently. There is an option in the print driver, on the "device settings" tab, for "automatic configuration - update now", but it doesn't seem to work if the printer is connected over the network. So you have to manually go and select installed for all of the trays/accessories you have connected.

Once I used the specific (non-UPD) driver, and manually selected the accessories as installed, it seems to work.
Thanks, milhouse
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