Need a COMPLETE list of mail enabled Public Folders & the email address

Hi All -

I need a complete list of mail enabled public folders....some public folders have more as many as 25 addresses assigned to them.  How do I get a complete list of the PFs with the associated email addresses?

COmmand Line or GUI or 3rd Party App - Any assistance would be great.

THanks Zookeepa
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Manikandan NarayanswamySecurity Specialist & IBM Security GuardiumCommented:

To get a list of all mail enabled public folders with their email address i don't think such option exists in GUI. However using exchange management shell we can accomplish the task. Last year i had a similar requirement and script from the below site helped me a lot. You can try this and see if if accomplish your needs

zookeepa1Author Commented:
Thanks Manikandan -

...This might do it but how do I run this script?  Do you have a link that illustrates how to create the script and then run it?

zookeepa1Author Commented:
Starting to think the lack of responses were EE's version of tough love. worked.  The tough love as well.  I did the research and was able to run the PF script to list out the public folders and the various email addresses assigned.

For those like me that could have used a "complete picture" the link provided by  Manikandan does work.  However, in order to run the script you need copy everything from the first line (## export-mail-enabled-public-folders.ps1 ##) to the last line ($resultsarray | export-csv -Path $env:userprofile\Desktop\mail-enabled-public-folders.csv) to notepad.  Save the file with a .ps1 file extension.  Then open an Exchange Powershell window on the email server in question...navigate to the folder you saved the file into...then simply PLAY that file.  How?  type the name of the file and press enter.  Within seconds a window will open with a complete list of public folders and associated email addresses.  A csv file is also created.
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