CSM vs. PSM (Scrum.org vs. ScrumAlliance.org)

Which is more valuable to the industry, the Scrum.org PSM I, or the ScrumAlliance.org CSM

Anthony LuciaAsked:
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Jessica RigaProducerCommented:
The CSM is the most widely held and well recognized Scrum certification avaliable. However both are well recognized and accepted in the industry. The PSM is generally regarded as more challenging to acheive.

There are a great deal of differences between the two, in both time and cost. If you have prior experience in Scrum and are strapped for time, then the PSM I is the way to go (there is no manditory training before taking the test). However if you are new to Agile and interested in training then the most important thing is to find a good instructor, regardless of which organization you choose.
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